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"Whether you’re feeling anxious or overwhelmed about the obstacles in life, or trying to overcome limiting beliefs to achieve at your highest level, it is possible to make real and substantial progress towards the peace and clarity you seek with the help of Conscious Ketamine-Assisted Coaching™."

- Bronwyn Davis

Meet Bronwyn

Step into the transformative world of healing and awakening with Bronwyn. With an impressive 25 years of coaching experience, Bronwyn has earned elite-level status as a Certified High Performance Coach™, making a profound impact on the lives of her clients worldwide.

Having personally coached almost 4,000 one-on-one High Performance Coaching sessions, Bronwyn's strengths lie in her keen ability to empower her clients. She masterfully guides them to uncover their innate abilities and break through the barriers holding them back.

Bronwyn's coaching style is straightforward and impactful, fearlessly delving into deep, thought-provoking questions that lead to sustained and significant transformation. 

As a compassionate coach, she creates a safe, confidential container for clients to incorporate insights, behaviors, and practices that emerge during a Conscious Ketamine-Assisted Coaching™ Retreat.

No matter what her clients seek to heal or shift, Bronwyn stands ready to empower and guide them with an open, unbiased, and warm presence. She skillfully holds space for complex and unique experiences, helping clients create accountability systems for the new behaviors and practices that arise during the transformative medicine space.

Through the preparation process, Bronwyn assists her clients in clarifying their intentions and unveiling any disempowering thought patterns that hinder their desired goals and dreams.

Beyond the treatment, Bronwyn ensures her clients receive essential Integration Coaching, maximizing the potential of their experience and fostering lasting healing and evolution.

Bronwyn's personal experience with ketamine's life-changing outcomes drives her passion for this transformative healing. She underwent rigorous and comprehensive ketamine training through Trauma Transformation Network. 

With an extensive background in coaching that spans over twenty years, she cemented her life's central mission: to ignite inspiration in others and actively contribute to their life transformations. That commitment propelled her to create Conscious Ketamine-Assisted Coaching™.

Bronwyn invites you to take the giant leap towards healing and embracing your personal best. Schedule a free 15-minute Clarity Call to explore if Conscious Ketamine-Assisted Coaching™ is the right path for you. 


Bronwyn is a Bestselling and Award-Winning Author with endorsements by Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Marianne Williamson, Neale Donald Walsch, and other esteemed luminaries.


She’s had a successful career in corporate America as a top Sales professional for major national and international companies. Bronwyn has a diverse background and when coaching draws upon her vast life experience as an Author, Speaker, Sales and Marketing professional, Television Personality, Business Owner and her most important role: Mom.


  • IPPY Winner - Outstanding Book of the Year Award for Most Life-Changing 

  • Amazon Bestselling Author

  • Former Television News Anchor and Reporter

  • Regular featured guest on KTVK Phoenix Channel 3's, Your Life A to Z, with her own segment, SpotLite On Success, which she created and produced

  • Featured on NBC, ABC, and as a blogger for Huffington Post

  • Associate Producer on a documentary film starring Bob Proctor, Gay Hendricks, and Mary Manin Morrissey, with endorsements by Michael Bernard Beckwith and Neale Donald Walsch 

  • Awarded "100% Club" status multiple times for meeting and exceeding sales quota while working in corporate America

  • Bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Journalism from the University of Southern California

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