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Discover the transformative experiences of those who have embarked on their journeys with Bronwyn Davis, a trusted guide in the realm of Conscious Ketamine-Assisted Coaching™. 

“This was my first experience with any type of mind-altering drug; I have always been apprehensive about anything that could affect my judgment or put me in a weakened state. Bronwyn put all my fears to rest and created a situation in which I felt safe and supported. I like that ketamine is legal and prescribed by a doctor. Everything was professional and empowering, from the first call to the retreat to the integration coaching.


As for the ketamine experience itself, I would say that the medication calmed my egoic mind, putting it to sleep for a little while so that I could communicate directly with my Higher Self. And boy did my Higher Self have some powerful insights to share! It felt somewhat like being asleep but with complete awareness and agency, floating along to exactly where I needed to go and learning what I most needed next in my life. I would highly recommend this experience, especially with Bronwyn as your guide!”

- Sara K., Conscious Ketamine-Assisted Coaching™ Client

“I'm immensely thankful for Bronwyn's role as my Ketamine-Assisted Coach™. Her empathetic approach created a safe space for me to share openly, and her insights guided me through this transformative journey. Her preparation techniques helped me approach my ketamine experience with the right mindset, and her patient listening during integration sessions allowed me to process the insights gained.


What truly sets Bronwyn apart is her holistic approach. Beyond her extensive knowledge, she empowers you to integrate these experiences into your daily life, providing personalized strategies that cover emotional, psychological, and spiritual aspects. Her genuine care and dedication make her an exceptional guide for anyone seeking profound transformation and meaningful integration of their ketamine experiences. I wholeheartedly recommend Bronwyn to those looking for a compassionate advocate on their journey toward healing and self-discovery.” 

- Sarah B., Conscious Ketamine-Assisted Coaching™ Client

“From the moment we began our sessions, I felt an immediate sense of safety and comfort in the space Bronwyn created. Her empathetic nature and sincere commitment created an environment where I felt seen and understood. Her ability to listen without judgment and offer insights that resonate profoundly is a testament to her exceptional skill as a coach.

Bronwyn's approach goes beyond the surface level; she delves into the intricacies of your experiences and emotions, fostering a profound sense of connection and trust. Her guidance is not just about navigating the ketamine landscape; it's about guiding you through integrating these experiences into your daily life. She empowers you to uncover the transformative potential within these journeys and equips you with tools to apply the insights gained in practical, meaningful ways.

I confidently recommend Bronwyn to anyone seeking profound transformation and meaningful integration of their ketamine experiences, knowing she possesses the rare qualities that can guide you toward a more prosperous, more fulfilling life.”

- Sunray, Conscious Ketamine-Assisted Coaching™ Client

“I have personally experienced positive benefits from working with Bronwyn Davis and felt completely supported in my own healing process. Bronwyn is an exceptional coach with a unique style. She has mastered being completely present and I’m confident that she can hold space from a grounded place in any situation. I highly recommend and fully endorse Bronwyn as a Ketamine-Assisted Coach.”

- P. Smith, Conscious Ketamine-Assisted Coaching™ Client

“I'm not new to self work or ketamine assisted psychotherapy (KAP). Engaging with Bronwyn’s Ketamine Kickstart package has been an incredible adjunct to my personal growth journey. The coaching aspect solidified my understanding of the necessity of preparation, personal agency, and ongoing integration. 


Every thought I brought to preparation received a positive response within 24 hours. My intentions were my own, while Bronwyn helped me clarify them. 


On the day of my journey, I was presented with every safety measure before beginning. We worked together to clarify my intentions and I was secure in my setting as I took my medicine.


The medicine space is personal. I never felt interrupted or pressured here. I spoke my thoughts. When I felt I was done, I was given space to relax and ride the trip out fully.


Integration was the phenomenal aspect of riding with this guide. I didn’t see what my thoughts were about while I was in the experience. Bronwyn took careful notes about my words and my postures. Our follow up sessions helped me connect my abstract thoughts to the subconscious intentions I’d been struggling to manifest. 


For me, this investment was talking about a dream, internally experiencing the dream, then bringing the dream into concrete action. 


Bronwyn, Thank you for helping me move forward.”

Zachariah K., Conscious Ketamine-Assisted Coaching™ Client

"I participated in Bronwyn‘s 30-day ketamine-assisted coaching and integration sessions. This experience has been remarkable and allowed me to have clarity both personally and professionally.

During each integration coaching session, Bronwyn and I were able to identify where I was meeting resistance, which was impeding my ability to soar.

After the completion of the coaching sessions, I felt very clear and confident about the trajectory I wanted to take my consulting business."

- Erica S., Conscious Ketamine-Assisted Coaching™ Client

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